vinyasa teacher training

200 hour yoga alliance accredited course

with Liisa & Anne

* registration for new training starting September 2021 has opened!

Whether you desire to lead and teach others or simply seek a deeper connection to your practice, this 200 hr Yoga Alliance accredited Vinyasa Teacher Training will provide you with powerful tools to inspire yourself and others. From day one we will guide you in deepening your practice and honing your skills to become a confident and empowering teacher.


Becoming a source of inspiration begins with your own personal yoga practice. A foundation of commitment and focus on your yoga mat will provide you with the insight to break through any unhelpful patterns. Be prepared to expand your mental and physical boundaries through this journey.

NEW!! Free Introduction Session: Come to meet us! 

June 26th 2021 @ 16:00-18:00 - Yagoy Pijp

Limited space, sign up by emailing trainings@yagoy.nl 


Practice: Asana, Pranayama, & Meditation

  • Through intensive self practice learn the foundational principles of alignment

  • Learn how asana provides a solid framework for exploring the other limbs of yoga

  • Get acquainted with the practice and benefits of breath control (pranayama)

  • Learn the anatomy and physiology behind basic breathing techniques and their appropriate usage in the classroom

  • Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your connection to others through meditation

  • Learn basic mindfulness and concentration-meditation techniques

  • Experience and understand how vinyasa brings the many limbs of yoga together

  • Practice, practice, practice!

Functional anatomy & assisting

  • Learn functional anatomy in order to gain insight into how postures work in your body

  • Deepen your understanding of how postures work in bodies other than your own

  • Apply the principles of anatomy to prevent injuries in yourself and your students

  • Learn how to work with existing injuries and other physical constraints

  • Develop the skill of reading bodies both physically and energetically

  • Understand proper use of props and modifications

Traditional yoga philosophy


  • Discover the history of yoga and its lineage

  • Read and discuss the Bhagavad Gita

  • Read and develop a deeper understanding of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • Study the eight-limbed path of yoga and how it relates to daily life

  • Explore the mythos behind the asanas we practice


  • Learn to develop and use clear, intentional cueing

  • The art of creative and intelligent sequencing

  • Understand and strengthen your intuition for class structure and build-up

  • Learn essential classroom management skills

  • Find your voice, understand voice modulation, and build awareness of your presence in the classroom

  • Learn to teach to all levels

  • Discuss and debate the tenets of classroom etiquette and ethics

  • Discuss the basics of the business of yoga


  1. Mantra & Sound Healing

  2. Meditation & Mindfulness

  3. Yoga Nidra

  4. Biomechanics and Energetics

  5. Ayurveda: The Science of Life

  6. Theming and Language

  7. Pregnancy Yoga

  8. Yin and Yang Principles and Meridian System


  • Practical assignments

  • Written assignments

  • Teaching exam



(10 weekends spread over ten months in 2021-2022)

2021 weekends:

  • 10-11-12 September

  • 8-9-10 October

  • 19-20-21 November

  • 10-11-12 December

2022 weekends:

  • 14-15-16 January

  • 11-12-13 February

  • 11-12-13 March

  • 8-9-10 April

  • 13-14-15 May

  • 10-11-12 June (examination & graduation weekend)

Possible lockdown scenario: training weekend might shift to online

Possible covid-symptoms: we will make it possible to join the sessions as much as possible online so as not to miss the training hours. Though in person attendance is always preferred/required and the online option is only reserved in the case of symptoms/potential close & recent contact with an infected person(s). 


Yagoy De Pijp, Karel du Jardinstraat 33, Amsterdam



June 26th 2021 @ 16:00-18:00 - Yagoy Pijp


Early bird 2100 

Training fee is paid in full before July 1st 2021

(max 15 Early Bird admissions)

Regular rate 2300 

Training fee is paid in full before September 1st 2021

Payment in terms - 2400 

Training fee is paid in full before May 1st 2022