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We are Anne & Liisa, two travelling Yogis whose worlds collided in Amsterdam.

Our story of collaborating with the intention of sharing Yoga from the heart, and in a relatable accessible-for-everyone way came into being. We work, grow, laugh, cry, play and get better together!

Drawing from the transformative effect of yoga,

our aim is to help create many more meaningful and growth evoking stories for others.


We are ERYT-200 certified with Yoga Alliance. Incorporating our yoga philosophy, functional anatomy, intelligent sequencing, meditation and body energetics knowledge combined with our international teaching experience, we offer:


Inspirational teacher trainings

Uplifting and healing retreats

Special events & experiential workshops

Personalized private yoga classes

Corporate yoga bringing yoga closer to you


So...get inspired with us, move your body and learn to live with intention! We are ready for your new story!


liisa russmann

Liisa came to yoga from stressful and demanding jobs first in London and later in Sydney, Australia. Her curiosity to explore different forms of movement led her to yoga - various workshops, courses and trainings. She was feeling more and more alive & balanced from these experiences and connections, than ever before.


To Liisa it’s all about being free to be yourself and she is passionate about passing this feeling on to others using yoga as the vehicle for transformation; both physically and emotionally.

Always warm, passionate and committed, she translates her life lessons into holistic yoga classes. Her classes and teachings are a fusion of intelligent and playful sequencing, anatomical awareness and philosophical depth that takes students into their bodies, home to themselves.


Liisa believes in continual growth and staying inspired as a teacher. She was first certified to teach in 2011 with Power Living Australia and has since been passionately sharing her teachings in Sydney and Amsterdam. She now regularly trains and expands her knowledge with Tiffany Cruikshank, Sarah Ramsden, Jason Crandell and Katy Appleton. 


anne vida-ikeda

Anne initially began practicing yoga to relieve stress and balance her hectic professional life back home in Montreal, Canada. Yoga has since become her journey that would impact every facet of her life, inspiring her to learn presence, patience, compassion, self-love and much more.

Now making Amsterdam her home, Anne teaches a variety of classes including Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Yin/Yang and Yin yoga. As a life-long yoga student, her classes are inspired by her continuous studies of Ayurveda, Chakra energy system, Yoga philosophy, Chinese medicine concepts and Meridian lines, Mindfulness and Thai yoga massage.

She believes that yoga is about the connection of mind & body and that what lies behind the asana, is pure awareness. In the exploration of yoga and meditation, she is convinced that accepting the challenges of life requires an open heart, a keen awareness and a flexibility of mind. With this approach, she shares her classes with her students, as a journey to mindful living. 

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