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Updated: Nov 9, 2018


Happy Graduates - June 2018

Our 10 month journey to self discovery and deeper exploration of yoga concluded in June 2018.

25 joyful graduates ready to take their new knowledge and experience into their lives and communities. It was our pleasure and honour to be your teachers - we are so excited to see where your further adventures lead you to!


“Firstly, and most importantly, the combination of you two. It played a big role for me to open up and receive. You are like two beautiful amazing paintings that have a different meaning when you place them next to each other. I really feel blessed that you are my teachers. I liked the flow of the training. Good combination of anatomy and philosophy without feeling bored or overwhelmed. Really funny breaks after being seated for a couple of hours. 

I was really impressed from your positive energy and the way you were giving feedback, always polite and always with a positive approach. I am grateful that we were practicing teaching from the first weekend. Obviously, I felt uncomfortable the first times but after a while I could understand the importance of it.”

- Sofia -

“Being led by Anne and Liisa was a wonderful and truly enlightening experience. Their complementary skills enable them to create a training in which each student could explore and discover many facets of yoga. To me, and I think to many others, this training was a great opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. It enabled me to be confronted with some or my personal fears and to learn how to accept and to balance them. Being guided by Anne and Liisa was a confrontational journey that mapped the road for transformation.

I feel like I have joined a strong, loving and compassionate yoga family, and I will always be grateful that I could experience this training! Thank you, thank you Anne and Liisa, my gratitude goes beyond words.“

- Marie-Helene -

“Being part of this TT was really amazing! When I started the training, yoga was most of all a physical practice for me. This training brought me so many new insights about: meditation, philosophy, anatomy and about myself. Especially one of the weekend themes touched me deeply inside. It felt like a dive into myself and I explored so much which I didn't expect to happen when I started the training.

Special thanks to Liisa & Anne, for sharing their knowledge, their good care and creating a safe, inspiring and energizing environment for us to grow! And also, a big thanks to all my fellow students, sharing this journey together was amazing.”

- Gwen -

Anne and Liisa made this journey a warm and truly enlightening experience. Every weekend sharing not only their knowledge of yoga, but also their love, power, softness and energy in general for every human beeing in order for me to grow not only as a yoga practitioner, but as a person as well. When I think back of these teacher training weekends, a big smile automatically forms on my face.

Anne and Liisa are both professional but personal, serious yet in for a joke, soft yet powerful.

- Anne -

“I want to thank you for your enthusiasm, professionalism, patience and humanity over the past 10 months. I have not been disappointed in any way.”

- Steve -

“Your fire and sparks will stay with me my entire life. Thank you for inspiring me in so many ways. It was a gift for me to take part in your teacher training. Especially that you both put your whole heart into it. And this was very visible.”

- Witold -

“Thank you so much for all your teachings, your positive vibes and lovely energy brought in so much light. You showed me how you can teach with enthusiasm, happiness and lightness. You both are a dream team, completing each other with joy and depth.“

- Kim -

“Wow what a journey! Your strength, trust, energy and kindness were there all along the way leading us to places where we did not think it was possible to go. Stay as you are, talented and brilliant, you know how to illuminate people and their hearts.”

- Marie -

“Your training gave me the confidence to use my voice, settle into my understanding of yoga and find my path. Thank you!”

- Kathleen -

“These past 10 months have been intense but also very fun and interesting. With your guidance, I deepened my knowledge of yoga, learned a lot about myself, but also, made many friends for life. When we started together in September, I didn’t know anybody. But now, at the end of our TT, we have become a genuine little yoga family, and I will carry these memories for the rest of my life.”

- Marina -

“I will never forget you as my first mentor teachers. Guiding us from the heart to the heart and soul. Always with an open smile and room for honesty. I couldn’t have wished for a better way of starting my yoga teaching journey. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

- Nikki -

“So thankful to have you as my first yoga teacher trainers, I can’t wait to integrate all the teachings into daily life. Honoured to have shared this adventure!This training and the introduction to yoga philosophy gave me so many answers to uncertain feelings I had. I never knew where they came from or what to do with it. It feels like life makes so much more sense. Hope you can share these teachings with many more souls. Thank you for the sweet care and guiding energy.”

- Keri -

“You were a wonderful team, thank you for creating such a wonderful space for learning and growing. I will cherish all the teachings that I got from you and use them to get as close as possible to my highest self. I am really grateful and proud I had you as spiritual teachers for this journey.”

- Cristina -

“Thank you for guiding me through this personal growth and experience, I’m very thankful. I had an AMAZING time which I will cherish for the rest of my life.” 

- Joppe - 

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