Seasonal Wisdom - SPRING

Workshops – Winter, Spring, Summer, Late summer & Autumn

These workshops will introduce the principles of the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system while sharing an understanding on how to best optimize energy levels by wisely using the resources of the body & mind.

We’ll cover the two main theories behind Chinese Medicine; Yin & Yang theory and the five seasons according to TCM, including their associated five elements - water, wood, fire, earth, metal. 

Honouring the seasonal time of the year is the essence of TCM.

The 5-workshop series focuses on the teachings and application of TCM in our diet, in yoga practice and in daily living in order to thrive with an in-balance energy flow harmonised with the seasons. Led by Anne and Liisa, each 2-hour session includes a talk about seasonal insights on food therapy & reflections for emotional wellbeing followed by a yoga practice that nourishes & balances the body. 

Spring Wisdom

April 3rd 2020

Spring months are an ideal time for cleansing and rejuvenation of health.

During the Spring months, there is a collective feeling of renewal, activity and growth. Just like bare, dormant trees begin to grow buds and blossom; we too can harness the power of spring to release the old and usher in a fresh, new experience of health and mental clarity. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) spring is associated with the element of WOOD, signifying the beginning of life and seeking of ways to grow and expand.

Throughout our Spring Wisdom workshop, we’ll learn about the characteristics of this season and explore the element of WOOD as it applies to our body/mind according to TCM. You’ll be taken through insights on food therapy & reflections for emotional wellbeing, helpful in approaching spring-time with more ease. The talk is followed by a purifying yoga practice that helps to shake off stagnation and create connection to your vision.

* Live music will be offered by the ethereal Keri Stephanie

Date & Time:

Friday, April 3rd 2020

@ 20:00 - 22:00

Other Seasonal Sessions Dates:

Summer – Fire: June 12 Late Summer - Earth:  September 11 Autumn – Metal: November 13


Delight Yoga Prinseneiland

Prinseneiland 20G

1013 LR Amsterdam

* Just bring yourself, all mats & props are provided!


  • €30 per session and open to everyone

  • €125 for all 5 sessions

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